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Repayment Calculator

Repayment Calculator

This repayment calculator will help you work out how long it would take you to repay a debt and depending on the repayment amount and frequency how much you would pay in interest on the account. Please enter the amount you owe, total initial payment you are willing to make, the interest rate on your account and how much you are willing to pay and at which frequency.

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  1. This calculator is provided for illustrative purposes only. Information provided by this calculator is based on the accuracy of information provided by you and does not take into account your personal needs and financial circumstances.
  2. Calculators can't give you advice on what to do; you need to make your own decision. If you need advice then find yourself an independent financial planner. Although we've tested our numbers and we think they look correct, we can't promise they are perfect.
  3. Panthera Finance will not store the information provided in this calculator.
  4. Additional fees and charges may apply.